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NO2 “The CT show my fatty liver as a thin round slice”

When neutral fat formed by alcohol, sweets, fruits, and such starchy foods as rice, bread,
wheat, and pasta accumulates in the liver, it causes a condition known as fatty liver.
Although this condition can be diagnosed through an ultrasound test, a CT (computed tomography)
image is much more persuasive to the layman. When the song "Yagiri no watashi (Ferry of Yagiri)" was a popular hit, I showed my patient his CT image and explained, "This is your 'kanzo no wagiri (a thin round slice of liver)'." The patient then made me laugh by replying "Well then, it is my 'wagiri no watashi (a thin round slice of me)'." Fatty liver can exist even though liver function is normal.
Fatty liver is usually found in these types of people:

"How fat I'm getting! It must be because of eating those cookies."
" I wonder if this potbelly could be exchanged for the stomach I had before."
" With a good liver, I can drink more."
People who love sweets and alcohol and are overweight, need special medical attention.

Many of us think that our bodies get those rounded curves because our neutral fat has become subcutaneous, but be aware that even slim women can have fatty liver. How is it that slim women can have fatty livers? This may be because they consume too much fruit or beer;
" Besides studying tea ceremony and flower arrangement, she has also learned how to drink."

Be aware that women nowadays can consume as much alcohol as men.
" Gulp down a beer in one go, while crossing beautiful legs."
" At the pub a girl's voice is heard saying, 'I hate my boss'."
" I used to come home drunk, now my daughter does."
-- Such scenes can be found everywhere.

We should always drink alcohol in moderation; the calories contained in half a bowl of rice are equal to 6.8 ounces of beer, 2.5 ounces of Japanese sake, or 1.4 ounces of Awamori (Okinawan liquor containing 35% ALC/VOL).
Controlled drinking is always the best medicine.
I wish you would not
" drink too much of the best medicine (alcohol) and stay at the hospital with all types of diseases."


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