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Cancer's Eight Warning Signals
The Japan Association for the Prevention from Cancer has been alerting people to the possible presence of cancer with the "Eight Warning Signals."
Cancer is best treated in its early stages. You need to have the courage to immediately see a doctor if you demonstrate any of the following symptoms.
1 What is an Unhealthy Lifestyle Illness? Do you have a stomach disorder? Has your appetite decreased and your taste in foods changed?
2 Uterus Have you experienced any vaginal discharge or unusual bleeding?
3 Breast Have you discovered a lump in your breast?
4 Esophagus Do you feel something is caught in your throat when swallowing?
5 Colon and Rectum Is there blood or mucus in your stool?
6 Lungs and Larynx Do you have a persistent cough or hoarseness? Is there the blood in your phlegm?
7 Tongue and Skin Are there any sores not healing properly on your body?
8 Kidney, Bladder, and Prostate Do you have trouble discharging urine or is blood found in your urine?

Twelve Ways to Prevent Cancer
1 Maintain a well-balanced diet
2 Eat a variety of foods every day.
3 Avoid overeating and cut down on your fat intake.
4 Drink alcohol in moderation.
5 Reduce smoking.
6 Consume the proper amount of vitamins and sufficient dietary fiber.
7 Reduce your salt intake and cool down hot foods before eating them.
8 Avoid eating any burnt portions of foods.
9 Be careful not to eat moldy foods.
10 Avoid excessive exposure to the sun.
11 Exercise in moderation.
12 Maintain good personal hygiene.


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